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Recently Asked Questions About The Weather
Exactly why do we feel hot and also moist when ever it is high humidity? When anyone says that itís really humid outside, it indicates presently there is a lot of water vapour in the air. It will feel like you are in the tropical area, similar to a rainforest! Whenever we perspire normally, the perspiration from our body evaporates into the air and cools us down. However on extremely humid days, t

What is the influence of low humidity on the environment? Low humidity is without question unpleasant and it might feel totally dry outside. The crops will have a extremely tough time growing as there is significantly less water in the air. Only a few plants such as Cacti (cactuses) who can carry on with little water can grow in low humidity locations such as desert. One of the very dangerous effe

How one can understand weather maps? It is much easier go through the weather maps when you have fully understood the meaning of the weather symbols like H, L, the lines as well as the arrows. Isobars are crucial in presenting weather condition and familiarity with isobars is a must to read the weather map. The symbols on the surface map show temperatures, fronts, precipitation, air pressure, clou

Precisely what is a weather surface map? Sometimes you will notice station weather plots on weather forecast surface maps. It is better to make use of plots to illustrate the weather at a station for a specific time as meteorologists needs to put across a lot of details without using lots of words. When all stations are plotted on a map, a "picture" of where the high and low pressure areas are loc

What is a climate zone? A climate zone is a region or part of the world where the climate can be identified by using a few vital weather connected variables. A numerous techniques are employed to classify the climate zones worldwide and the climate zone data is utilized in number of ways. By way of example, biologists make use of local climate zone data to explore the animals and plants they study


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