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ABOUT US is designed to provide access to comprehensive weather forecast for all the countries around the world. Our objective is to provide an easy-to-navigate weather forecast directory that is clearly laid out and fully cross-indexed for countries and weather information. It is our intention to make finding the weather information, humidity and other weather related information an easy process.

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Recently Asked Questions About The Weather
What is the meaning of weather? The weather we experience each day is made up multiple conditions including rain, sun light, wind, how cold or hot it is. Measurement of the actual ongoing climate conditions of a location at a specific time is identified as Weather. A condition which fades and degrades an object affected by certain natural events much like extented exposure to sunlight or rain is u

What causes the weather pattern? The 23° tilt of Earth’s axis together with the rotation of the Planet is the reason why cooling and heating occurs in different volumes on different areas of the planet. Furthermore, ocean heats up and cools down slowly than the land areas do. Warm water in the ocean attempts to merge with cold water, forming currents. In the mean time warm air rises and picks up m

How do Ocean Currents Impact Weather condition? A major impact on the weather system is caused by ocean currents. Warm water coming from the tropics is carried by ocean currents into colder places. This allows the heat to escape the warm water and moves straight into the atmosphere, bringing about unforeseen warmer rainier weather conditions. Many different climate zones are created by oceans, and

What is a climate? The phrase "Climate" is normally means the normal, or typical, weather conditions observed across a lengthy timeframe for a specific area. By way of example, the climate of the tropical oceans is humid and warm, along with occasional showers or thunderstorms, conditions which do not vary much throughout the year. The difference between the weather and the climate is the observat

What are the weather symbols used in weather surface map? For weather station plotting, a large number of weather symbols are utilized. A number of symbols are used for weather elements such as rainfall, snow, and lightning. Others stand for the velocity of the wind, kinds of clouds, air temperature, and air pressure. Every one of those symbols facilitate meteorologists depict the weather developi


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